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Oceanus Casino - Macau, Asia

The Oceanus casino was founded back in 2009. Today, it’s somewhat a curiosity in Macau because it does not have a hotel. The same applies to Babylon and Paradise Kempek however, Oceanus casino has a large establishment thus making it one of the favorite casinos for most people on the island. With regard to sleeping, there are so many places for you to choose from around the place. The casino is located around the Fisherman’s Warf area near Casa Real. It’s also near the popular Golden Dragon. This casino was designed by Paul Steelman, an internationally renowned artist. It has a variety of colored sparkling bubbles making it one of the best casinos around.

Great Casino

The interior and exterior design of the casino is just amazing. You might be wondering how the design of the casino affects the payout rate and bonuses. Well, it doesn’t. However, it’s important for you to play in a wonderful atmosphere if you want to improve your chances of winning. Being distracted with your environment can potentially cost you a lot of time, money and energy in the long run. Oceanus has one of the best atmospheres you can think of. The walls are beautifully decorated with aquatic scenes and pictures of fish. You’ll also see bluish columns of bubbles floating around. I know it’s quite difficult to vividly imagine what I’m trying to explain but this is a place worth visiting. Even if you don’t win, you’ll not regret visiting the place. The casino is spacious and this enhances a player’s comfort levels. For instance, the second floor only contains twenty tables although fifty tables would fit in the space. The spacious environment creates a pleasant feeling among most players. It’s not easy to find such a casino because most of them are normally cramped.

Slot machines

Oceanus Asia has a variety of video poker machines. It’s not easy to see such machines or play such games in Macau. I will share some information about them for you to figure out if you are going to play. There are a number of variants available here. They include bonus poker, joker poker, double bonus and deuces wild. If you love slot machines, you should be excited because the casino offers approximately 300 devices which range from 5 cents to one dollar. There are also several electronic versions of sic bo and roulette which start from $10.

Table games

One thing you should keep in mind while in Macau is that Oceanus Asia is focused on satisfying the general public. If you have been looking for minimum bet limits on the island, Oceanus casino is definitely the place to go and play. You’ll find several tables ranging from one hundred to two hundred dollars. The diversity of the tables is quite large. You can play at the tables using baccarat, fan tan, blackjack, sic bo, commission free baccarat and pai gow.

The issue on hotel

As we said earlier, there are no hotels available at Oceanus casino. This does not mean that you will not have a good time. You will have to look for another place for accommodation but you will definitely have a great time in this complex. In fact, there are several other services offered here apart from gambling and playing games.

The two restaurants

Since Oceanus casino is focused on pleasing the general public, it is logically correct to assume that you’ll find good value for your money when dining. In fact, this is the case because there are two restaurants that offer reasonable prices and variety of options. You can choose between the Treasure House which is focused on providing quality Chinese cuisine and the Jackpot Noodle which specializes on Shanxi and Cantonese dishes.

And two bars for you

There are two bars nearby that are usually open from 2 PM. They include the Coin Good Luck and the Kingpin Bar. These two bars offer similar things. Also, there are snack menus with salads, sandwiches, desserts and a couple of starters. There are a wide variety of drinks for you to choose from. Coin Good Luck is usually open from 2PM to 7PM and Kingpin Bar opens from 7PM to 11PM. Sandwiches normally range between $35 to $45 while appetizers like garlic bread, salad and onion rings range between $15 to $35. Dessert dishes range from $20 to $35.


Oceanus Casino has a small entertainment area located behind the Good Luck corner. At the beginning of the year, the casino hosted a variety of singing and dancing shows that started from 6:30PM. Currently, this does not happen because they discontinued. The only thing that they count as entertainment is drawing coupons from the Slot Players Big Rewards Promotions. It’s possible that they might get back to it when this promotion ends. Even if they do get back with the singing and dancing shows, you shouldn’t expect much.


The promotions department is one of the most important areas of Oceanus Casino. When you start playing, you’ll be offered with a player card and a dead chip program. Additionally, the casino runs two or three gaming promotions thus making them three for three for players.


Oceanus Casino is one of the best casinos in Macau. The game selection is unique and amazing. Players can entertain themselves with nine different games and a wide variety of slot games plus a few video poker machines. The amount that accompanies the amazing variety of tables ($100 to $200) is absolutely amazing. It’s nice not to keep betting every time especially when you don’t want to wager that much. Oceanus has excelled in other different areas such as the promotions. With the player card you can earn points that will allow you to participate in different promotions at a go. Also, the VIP card has decent returns ranging from 0.8 to 1%. The customer service is also amazing. Good Job, Oceanus Asia!

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